Pennington Flash

Many other amazing birds may be seen during any 2-3 day visit to Khao Yai; Long-tailed Broadbill is straight out of a Disney movie, Slaty-backed Forktail lurks on some of the streams, Orange-breasted and Red-headed Trogons occur in the mid-storey and Nightjars are frequent at dusk and dawn over open areas.

Any birding trip to Khao Yai is bound to bring a number of sightings of mammals too. Sambar deer and Muntjac are often seen and one can hardly miss the Pig-tailed Macaques on the road. One of the most enigmatic mammals likely to be seen is the White-handed or Lar Gibbon which noisily sing in the mornings. Other frequently seen mammals include Asian Elephant, Dhole, Variable Squirrel and Malayan Sun Bear. Less frequently seen, but present, are Gaur, Clouded Leopard and Serow. Unfortunately,Tigers may already be extinct at Khao Yai.

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